It started with a vision of how a dance environment should feel.

Oh, yeah – we already had a following of students. Sure, we already had a dance space we used on a part-time basis. Both worked well and worked well together. But the vision of a dance space where students would feel ‘at home’ and ‘welcome’ is what we wanted – we just didn’t “know” it yet! A “fluky” encounter with a long-time acquaintance is what started the wheels in motion. Phil had stopped at this coffee shop many times in the past 4 years. It was one day when the owner was working in the building next door that the vision started. Grant you the vision was a bit ‘foggy’ at first. But when the owner showed Phil the ‘diamond in the rough’ space she was renovating, the fog began to clear and the vision began to materialize.

That’s how great things begin, we guess. A little luck, a great vision, and a lot of being in the right place at the right time! Since the location was so prime, Phil had to make a quick decision on the space. The wheels of fate had obviously started with the chance encounter, so far be-it from us to stop the momentum of that which seemed predestined! We said, what the heck, we’ll give it a go! And so Rhythm in Shoes was born – not to us – but to the students who had developed themselves into a dance community without even trying. Rhythm in Shoes is their home. We say the subtitle of the studio is “where the students rule!” This is the vision coming true – a place where the students’ input is what matters the most. They want practice time after lessons? They get it! They want a different dance taught in-between each West Coast Swing 6-week class series? They’ve got it!

The studio is “a unique social dance studio” because of this value placed on students’ input, the emphasis on dancing being a social skill, and the constant reinforcement of the basics of dance. The students care about newcomers because they, too, were once newcomers and know how terribly intimidating it is to walk into a beginner class and be the ‘newest’ of the group. Or walk into a monthly social and sit the whole night without ever once being asked to dance. This is a place that students feel comfortable being themselves, at whatever level of dance they happen to be. We are all just dancers celebrating life through our love of dance.

We welcome you to our warm, friendly studio
– we hope to see you soon!