West Coast Swing Class schedule
Instructor: Phil LaMothe who has more that 20 years developing West Coast Swing dancers.

We have a complete comprehensive program designed to develop a student’s West Coast Swing from
a fundamental level thru advanced. Along with our classes we have workshops and social dances
giving students a total West Coast Swing development program.

Saturday Mornings: 6-week classes – Dance Innovations Studio located at 3 Town Square Pl
Chatham NJ
WCS Level-1 fundamental structure 10:00a until 11:00a
combined practice 11:00a until 11:30a

WCS Level-2/Level-3 – 11:30a until 12:30p

Wednesday nights: 6-week classes – 187A Plane Street Boonton NJ.

WCS Level-1 Fundamental structure 7:00p until 8:00p
                                                                                                                WCVS Level2/Level3 – 8:00p until 9:00p

If you sign up for either the Saturday morning classes or
the Wednesday evening classes you may attend classes on
the other day at no extra cost.

Please see our calendar for the starting dates of these classes
Please ask about our “Sampler’ Class series where you can sample any 6 classes we offer.

The Fundamental class series is discounted when combined with other WCS classes.
Ask about discounts when registering.