Having trouble with your spins and turns?

Do you lose your balance?
Are you out of control or can’t stop your turns?
Are you afraid when you turn?

Then you have come to the right place! Don’t spend another minute practicing turns that don’t work well.

We have been teaching dancers to spin and turn for more than 40 years and we can teach anyone to dance easy controlled turns.

Feel immediate improvement on the very first lesson with our Spins and turns development program. Learn the 6 basic rules of turn and begin to dance easy controlled turns.

Start learning;
How to balance your turns
How to control your feet (or do they control you!)
How to control your bodies shape
How to control the center of your turns
How to lead and follow good turns

Every student’s journey is unique to them and their development program is customized to address the specific issues of their spins and turns. Join us in this adventure towards better spins and turns.

Please see our calendar for the starting dates of these classes
Please ask about our “Sampler’ Class series where you can sample any 6 classes we offer.