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Simply the best social dance investment you'll ever make
We specialize in lead and follow social dancing

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See what some of our students have to say about the studio.

Other dance instructors teach you steps; Phil teaches you to DANCE!
– Jacqueline

If you are just starting out in West Coast Swing, Phil's Basics Class is the place to learn it right the first time. If you've been dancing for a while, he can sharpen your skills and correct the little mistakes every dancer falls into sooner or later. Best of all, Phil always reminds us that it's all about having a good time.
– Delia

Not only is it a place to learn dancing, it's a great place to meet new friends! 
– Gail

Phil has an amazing link between his eyes, his brain and his feet. He can watch a dance move, figure out how to do it, execute it perfectly, teach someone else how to do it, and then teach them how to do it better. Phil watching over his students.
- Margie & Linus

Through Phil’s uncanny ability to "fix me", his patience, words of encouragement, and sense of fun, he is helping me to be the dancer I've always wanted to be. Phil is the absolute best as a dance instructor and person! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
– Sandy

Phil has made Monday night my favorite night of the week. I love his classes because he teaches us the how’s and why’s of dance, not just patterns, and he makes it fun. Phil has given me a lot of insight into what makes a good dancer, and someday I hope to be one.
– Kathy

I do not know if I will ever be a great dancer. I don't know if I will ever be a good dancer. But thanks to Phil, I know I will never be a bad dancer.
– Pete

Phil's classes are like onions. You peel one layer and there's another one waiting for you. He's made me think about dancing. Take all your steps, stay in balance, look for leverage and compression, weight transfer and timing, phrasing. This has helped me with all my dancing, not just WCS. I hear things and see things that I never even looked for, before.
- Russ

I love Phil’s teaching for many reasons but here are three: (1) His clear, consistent, and unique philosophy about the fundamentals (For example, I never even thought about my feet, and the word 'wait' was never in my vocabulary! (2) His passion and enthusiasm for West Coast and for teaching others to master it; and (3) His patience, support and positive strokes every step of the way!
– Elaine

Phil LaMothe: At the crux of flesh and spirit...
– Steve

We're trying to practice everything Phil teaches....the good news is that it will probably take us a lifetime to master it all -- what could be more fun??? Thanks to Phil for giving us a new perspective on WCS.
- Delia & Bob

I enjoy Phil’s attention to the nuances of dance and his students! Somehow it’s very relaxing and fulfilling to spend Monday nights learning this new skill. I am very pleased that I was fortunate enough to have started learning the West Coast with Phil.
– Al

Phil is my Zen Master! I tell everyone! Light bulbs go off on a weekly basis all because he skillfully says exactly what I need to hear, exactly when and how I need to hear it, and he says it patiently a thousand times or more until I do hear it. Phil has absolutely changed me as a dancer. When I first saw him dancing at the Colorado Cafe, my path lit up like golden stepping- stones. Phil has allowed me to participate in my passion for dancing in a positive, creative, and constructive way. Monday nights are my "anchor", where I feel grounded and at home. I hope Phil keeps teaching for a million years, and I will keep learning.
– Lee

When I took a job in New Jersey after working for years in NYC, I assumed I would never find a dance instructor of the caliber that I had available to me in the city. Happily I was wrong! Phil LaMothe is the best instructor I’ve had, period.
– Mike

"These classes are the best! I will be coming here for a long time. Phil is great and so are the rest of the people."- Adrienne
"Rhythm in Shoes" is quite simply the best social dance investment you'll ever make, a "one stop shop" in WC Swing & beyond!
- Ron & Debi


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